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Thread: VMaterials and Material Exchange -lost references

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    guellem Guest

    Default VMaterials and Material Exchange -lost references

    It would appear that the 1.41 cut of Iray for Rhino does not like the old predefined materials. Most of the materials for the AEC and Design libraries contain components that are not showing up in 1.41. Fabric patterns and procedural components are not showing up.

    Any suggestions?


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    ardenpm Guest


    We are just investigating this. Could you also confirm which version of vMaterials you have installed as there have been multiple updates to that library as well.

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    ardenpm Guest


    Or are you referring to materials you saved that referenced the old versions of the vMaterials that no longer work? There were some materials with incorrect names that I think were fixed in vMaterials 1.4 that might break old presets. If you have a small scene that is broken that would also be very helpful.

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    NikNastev Guest


    The same is happen with Iray+ for 3ds Max - I lost all my vMaterials changes in Base colors and other preferences in already saved scenes. Everything was reset back to original settings, which is BAD.
    This should not HAPPEN.


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    guellem Guest


    I am running vMaterials 1.4.0 with Iray for Rhino version 1.414.

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    ardenpm Guest


    So the materials were created with vMaterials 1.4 but an earlier version of the plugin, the loaded in the later version and the customisations are lost?

    Very strange this would be seen in 3ds max as well, that really suggests the issue is in vMaterials and not the plugins. However if vMaterials was not updated this is also unlikely (I know some parameters were renamed at some point which would do exactly this).

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