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Thread: My 2 problems (who make me crasy)

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    Twigho Guest

    Question My 2 problems (who make me crasy)


    1.) I'm very sorry for my low level english.

    Okay, I will try to explain my problems with iRay+ and 3DsMax.

    - My first problem affect displacement parameters on the little dialogue box. (see the following screenshot)
    Only for the pull-over mesh, the parameters are already reset after a 3Dsmax launch... (The jacket and pants are very similar but keep parameters. The body keep too.)
    I tried to isolate the pull-over on a clean scene and delete all modifiers but it's the same... I dont understand why, all parameters return at zero and the subdivision to 4.
    Any ideas ?
    Click image for larger version. 

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    - My second problem is a rend error who shutdown the first graphic card since I use displacement map, but it's probably "normal" because is the card used by windows and the scene have too many poly and use too many ram. (Maybe)
    The render message is :
    1.0 IRT rend error: OptiX Prime error: rtpModelUpdate( model_dest.m_model, update_hint ) returned Unknown error (Function "_rtpModelUpdate" caught exception: Encountered a CUDA error: cudaMalloc(&ptr, size) returned (2): out of memory, [15466617])
    END FRAME 0; TASK 1 OF 1; (NO SAVE); 153s; 0 faces; MEM 9355 MB;
    I have "only" 2 1070GTX (non-SLI). But if this problem is a memory and polygons relation, with just my character, my futur smell bad. XD
    For example, this render create this error...

    Please, tell me sweet news.

    NB: I use 3DsMax 2018 v. 20,0 - and iRay+ and my graphic driver are up-to-date.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    PS: Oh yes, I forgot an other check box who reset after relaunch Max. I see than The Texture Compression option is always unchecked after a restart. (After a save of course)


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    MichaelBellamy Guest


    Hi Hugo,

    The Texture Compression issue you mention is a bug that we already know about and will fix in an upcoming release.

    We'll have a look at the other problems and get back to you.


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    Twigho Guest


    Hello Michael,

    Thanks for your answer. If you need more informations, I'm listening.

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