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Thread: Absolute sick reflections on glass materials 3dsmax 17 iray+ 1.4

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    3D-Hai Guest

    Exclamation Absolute sick reflections on glass materials 3dsmax 17 iray+ 1.4

    Absolute sick reflections on glass materials.

    Glass panes are simple box with glass material.
    Have also tried several different glass materials always the same error!

    What is even more sick, that when I turn the showcase by 90 degrees always other spotting errors with the same glass panes ??
    Actually it should always be the same reflection!

    There are 4 example scrennsnaps here. I always turned the showcase 90 degrees and rendered.
    that's really exhausting, if you want to do it in jop!

    Regards Bernd

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	001.jpg 
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Name:	002.jpg 
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Name:	003.jpg 
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Name:	004.jpg 
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ID:	9911

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    NikNastev Guest


    Looks like the same problem as mine, may be?
    Read my thread with geometry issue. May be they share the same Bug?

    Render the same object with simple Mate material. Let's see how the render looks then.

    In my case if I put Plastic Fast SSS material - I have no issue with geo/reflections on my scene.


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    RobinSibley Guest


    Hi Bernd,

    Is it ok to send me the model so that we can take a look? A Private Message with a WeTransfer link (or similar) would be perfect.

    Also, which renderer were you using? Iray+ or Iray+ Interactive?


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    3D-Hai Guest


    Hi Robin,

    ok send later a link for download But wetransfer you must give me a e-mail adresse
    send me please a privat message with you e-mail adresse
    I use active shade iray+ , but is on Production Rendering mode iray+ the same error !

    Regards Bernd
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    3D-Hai Guest


    But I already had this problem with normal objects with matte material white!
    There was always dark stains on the surface that looked like a shadow throw,
    but there was no object because that has thrown the shadow!

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    RobinSibley Guest


    Thanks Bernd.

    We agree that there's a problem. We need some time to investigate.

    We tried this as a quick workaround:

    1. Create a box the same size
    2. Convert the box to an editable poly
    3. Delete the bottom face and side face that intersects with the display unit
    4. Add a shell modifier and set the inner amount to 0.5 to make the box hollow

    This is a cheat, but it did get rid of the problem:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Glass.jpg 
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Size:	62.1 KB 
ID:	9913

    I hope this helps for now.


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    3D-Hai Guest

    Post unfortunately it does not work 100 %

    Thx you Robin,

    but unfortunately it does not work 100% .
    In some position of the showcase it looks better but the error is still in it. I turn the showcase 90 degrees further back are the strange reflections in it.
    Must live with it first and repair in photoshop.
    Must finish the work, unfortunately no time for it.

    I would be sincerely happy if the error in the next version is no longer in it

    regards Bernd

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	005.jpg 
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Name:	006.jpg 
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Name:	007.jpg 
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Name:	008.jpg 
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ID:	9917

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    MichaelBellamy Guest


    Hi Bernd,

    This isn't related to the glass material and it looks like a bug when very small rotations are set on an object (close to 0 or close to 90 degrees for example). Obviously this doesn't happen all the time and we're looking at why it is happening in this case. You can try setting slightly larger rotations (90.5 degrees for example) as a possible workaround.

    We're still investigating so will let you know if there is a better workaround if we find it.


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    3D-Hai Guest


    oki thx you Michael


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