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Thread: Geometry bump that doesn't affect coatings

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    JeffPatton Guest

    Default Geometry bump that doesn't affect coatings

    I was attempting to setup my own carbon fiber material (yes, I know there's a CF preset). Is there any way to have the geometry bump (normal) setting NOT also impact the other layers, like the coating layer?

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    thorsten hartmann Guest


    Hi Jeff,

    i think we must learn to use the MDL- Materials, but the Material-Edtior in 3dsmax is not good to create MDL-Shadings, and have only MDL-Presets. It gives the Substance Designer. This tool can create MDL for iray and vray and later mental ray etc... With this tool can you create you own complex Carbon shading with als tricks.


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    MichaelBellamy Guest


    Hi Jeff,

    Unfortunately it's not possible to set layers to ignore underlying bump maps, but a workaround is to just set an inverse bump map on the layer you don't want to be affected to cancel it out. This doesn't work 100% perfectly, but is pretty good.

    The screenshots below should illustrate what I mean. The intention here is to apply a bump map to the underlying carbon weave to give a more 3-dimensional look to it, but to have a smooth clearcoat layer on top of this. I suspect you might be trying to do the same thing. The material is set up like this:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	material.JPG 
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    So the coating layer has the same bump map image applied to the Normal parameter as is on the geometry layer, but the "Invert" checkbox is selected in the Output rollout. This gives a smooth reflective surface, but with some 3d detail to the underlying weave:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	image.JPG 
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    Of course things get complicated if you want to ignore the base bump map, but also apply a different bump map to a layer. At that point you'd have to add the layer bump map to the inverse of the base bump map in something like Photoshop. Not ideal, but it should work as a workaround.

    I can send you a modified version of our Composites material library which contains a couple of carbon fibre materials made in this way if that would be useful. Just send me a PM if interested.


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    JeffPatton Guest


    Thanks for the tips & feedback. I should definitely dig deeper into Substance painter / designer.

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