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    ruediger Guest

    Lightbulb Iray Plugins Announcement

    On November 20, 2017 NVIDIA is transferring the sales and support of the NVIDIA Iray plugin products, Iray for 3ds Max, Iray for Maya, Iray for Rhino, and Iray Server to the Iray integration partners, Lightworks, 0x1 Software and migenius. From November 20, 2017 onward, you can learn more about licensing terms, product details and how to purchase new and renewal licenses at
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    3D-Hai Guest


    Hi Ruediger,

    what does that mean exactly? I am no longer getting updates from the Nvidia Professional Application Center?
    Do I have to uninstall everything again and reinstall from you?
    And what about the license keys I have? will they be taken over and converted by you?
    and why are not there just lightworks now? but also 0x1 Software and migenius? Since you then no longer alone the developers of iray (+)
    that does not look so good at first? Or am I wrong about it?
    Please explain me this new situation thx you !


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    MichaelBellamy Guest


    Hi Bernd,

    Please see Robin's post here, which should hopefully answer most of your questions.

    0x1 Software and migenius are responsible for the Iray for Maya and Iray for Rhino plugins, while Lightworks handles the Iray for Max plugin. Please be assured that nothing has changed here


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