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Thread: Realtime render test with high poly objects for later giant scene 4 x 1080ti

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    3D-Hai Guest

    Cool Realtime render test with high poly objects for later giant scene 4 x 1080ti

    #3dsmax NVIDIA Iray+ Lightworks

    Hallo everybody

    realtime render test with high poly objects for later giant scene.
    3dsmax Nvidia Iray+ with ActiveShade Mode + 4 x 1080ti

    Starts with 42 cameras and end with 756 cameras
    Now I'm not afraid of mass scenes

    Scene at the end of the 9.1 million poly with 14895 objects
    and there is a lot more in it !! i love Nvidia iray+ Lightworks
    sorry for the bad motion quality, have a free screen recorder used he must from the 3K screen on 2 K in real time down count while the renderer in real time ran with all 4 graphics cards: D
    the synonymous does not seem to be so good
    had not found anything else on the fast

    Hope you like the test
    regards Bernd

    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	9877Click image for larger version. 

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    new iray+ #3dsmax and iray for #Maya, #C4D, and #Rhino Group

    Bernd Haier
    here more nvidia iray+ renderings:

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    NikNastev Guest


    Nice Bernd!

    When you will send me 4x1080Ti?


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    3D-Hai Guest


    thx you Nik and nooo


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    JordanNVFX Guest


    Quad 1080ti running in Activeshade is my dream setup. You beat me to it.

    Now if only iRay+ had a denoiser like Blender or Renderman, real time photorealism could be achieved in mere seconds instead of hours.

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    3D-Hai Guest


    Hi Jordan ,

    that has been greatly improved in the version1.4
    I've noticed this several times in the renderer
    need much less passes to get rid of the noise
    note of 1.4:
    Noise levels for most environment lighting setups have been improved in Iray +

    regards Bernd

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