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Thread: Denoiser in IFR 1.4 - Feature presentation video

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    ruediger Guest

    Cool Denoiser in IFR 1.4 - Feature presentation video

    Take a look at how the denoiser feature in Iray for Rhino version 1.4 works. So much I can promise: All you need to know to use this feature is to enable a checkbox

    Watch the video here
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    guellem Guest


    Denoiser is awesome! It is very fast, even with a very large file with a lot of materials in hits pretty quick. Truly impressive!!! It is <3 seconds to hit.

    Great feature!

    Comparing with and without to 1000 iterations, overall rendertime increases by about 4% with denoiser on. I can live with that.

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    thorsten hartmann Guest


    Cool can we have this for iray+ 3dsmax? Please.

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