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Thread: Iray for Rhino 1.4 with denoiser feature is here!

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    Default Iray for Rhino 1.4 with denoiser feature is here!

    I am happy to announce that the new Iray for Rhino 1.4 plugin has arrived. It is updated to the latest version of Iray that as always comes with a few rendering optimizations and most important: The denoiser

    I have not been thrilled since a long time to anounce something that awesome like the denoiser for Iray for Rhino, but if you dislike long rendering times as much as I do, you will be pleased with this update. Using the denoiser in Iray for Rhino is as simple as enabling a checkbox in the settings window. After the first 8 iterations have been gathered in Iray, it will apply denoising to the image while trying to maintain the image details. So far I can tell that results are impressive.

    I have attached a first testrender that shows an image with a volumetric fog using the thick translucent material. If you have ever tried playing with that I can tell you that it takes ages until an images converges to a noise-free state. Now with the denoiser you see within a matter of a few iterations how your final image will look like.

    While the denoiser will give a benefit to all of your renders, these are some scenarios that will benefit especially from enabling this feature:

    • Scenes with subsurface scattered materials
    • Interios with difficult/low lighting situations
    • Scenes with depth of field

    The image that I have attached is the result of having rendered about 300 iterations on an interior scene using fog. Tyically this scene would be dominated by noise, but once you activate the denoiser, you see huge improvements in image quality.

    DOWNLOAD Iray for Rhino 1.4
    Until the 1.4 release has been pushed to all of our webpages, you can download and install it from the food for Rhino webpage under

    All the best,
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