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Thread: Material Swirl Issue

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    jkinkin Guest

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    I have encountered an issue with the materials showing up as swirls instead of a solid. I have tested this in several scenes and found that it really shows up on larger objects, but not all the time. Most of the time this is happening. I have included a picture below. This will happen with a solid color, preset material or anything else. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you in advance.
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    MichaelBellamy Guest


    Hi Jkinkin,

    This looks like a z-fighting artefact to me. You can get this if you use a Physical Sky for lighting and you have either of the boxes in the "Ground" group selected ("Shadows" or "Reflections"), whilst also having some geometry as the ground plane.

    The quick fix for this would be to alter the "Ground Height" on the Physical Sky so that it doesn't conflict with the geometry (a very small negative value would do it). If you try this and it fixed the issue for you then you should probably either remove the geometry ground plane, or untick the "Shadows"/"Reflection" boxes on the Physical Sky environment. If you have a geometry ground plane then you shouldn't need to use the Physical Ground plane, or vice versa.


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    jkinkin Guest



    Thank you! This is exactly what it was doing. I tested the tick boxes and it went away. Then I tested with the tick boxes activated and lowered the plane and it went away. Thank you for your help, it is much appreciated.

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