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Thread: Iray for Maya 1.5 available for Maya 2016 and 2017

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    fuchs Guest

    Exclamation Iray for Maya 1.5 available for Maya 2016 and 2017

    Iray for Maya 1.5 is now availabe for Maya 2016 and 2017.
    2018 support will come with the next version of the plugin.

    You get this version via auto update from our Professional Application Center first - a few days later you can also download it visiting our trial page. I really recommend to check the documentation but for your conveinience, here a shortlist:

    Support of Iray 2017
    IFM now uses the most recent version of Iray

    Support for the Iray Section Object
    The Section Object is used to hide parts of objects. The created effect is only visual. The Section Plane does not affect the geometry. The effect of hidden geometry is only visible in the Render View while rendering with Iray.

    Support for multiple UV sets
    Iray for Maya now supports multiple UV sets. The use of multiple UV sets might conflict with other features. See Usage of multiple UV sets (page 5) for details.

    Support for shading switches
    Iray for Maya now supports the singleShadingSwitch, doubleShadingSwitch, and tripleShadingSwitch utility nodes. See Usage of multiple shadingSwitch nodes (page 5) for details.

    Implicit Groundplane
    The Implicit Groundplane is a special case of the more general concept of matte objects. It covers the case of a planar surface acting as shadow catcher without the need of an explicit geometry. The Implicit Groundplane works in Iray Photoreal and Iray Interactive.
    The corresponding attribute can be found in the Render Settings Iray Common tab.

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    atomac Guest


    Nice small update! best part for me .. the implicit groundplane :-)

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    RogerSotelo Guest


    Hi guys,

    The ability to "cut" the model at render time is a great addition for AEC applications. I first saw it on Autodesk's Navisworks and was glad to see it was also implemented in Mental Ray Iray (3DS Max). I am glad to see it now in IFM! The Implicit ground plane is a neat feature too. For the future, please make it follow Maya's Up axis orientation; or at least, add a way to allow the user to rotate the plane (in a way similar to the HosekSky system).

    I created a quick animation using Iray Interactive to highlight the possibilities.

    I will post it on the Gallery too. Cheers!


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    cberndt Guest


    Hi Roger,

    this is a nice demo for the use of the new Section Object. Is it ok when I post the link on the IrayForMaya-Facebook site?

    The rotation of the Implicit Ground Plane is on our feature list.



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    RogerSotelo Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by cberndt View Post
    Is it ok when I post the link on the IrayForMaya-Facebook site?

    Hi Chris, Yes, you can post it. I'm happy to see my work being good enough to be used as an example. Will my name be mentioned?



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    cberndt Guest


    Sure, when you agree.



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    arash.mahmoud.33 Guest


    I'm trying to download iray for maya v1.5 but nvidia email me a v.1.4, I want to know when I can access to download v.1.5. thanks

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    fuchs Guest


    Are you using the PAC?

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    arash.mahmoud.33 Guest


    actually I didn't, as you say "a few days later you can also download it visiting our trial page" I try download it from trial page many times, and also I've try to find the professional application center but I didn't find it. can you please tell me when I can download it directly from trial page or how can I use professional application center?

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    fuchs Guest


    Does.your PAC not show an update arrow?
    If yes, just click on it and 1.5 will be installed.

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