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Thread: IFM : how to render vertex shader

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    shangu Guest

    Default IFM : how to render vertex shader

    If i have vertex color properties from Mash or Houdini Color Geometry, i guess it is stored in geometry, how to render this with Ifm ?

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    tkollig Guest


    Iray itself does not have vertex colors and Iray for Maya does actually ignore the vertex color property. Therefore you have to transfer the information inside of Maya.

    One possibility would be to store the color as UV parameter and access it inside an mdl material via state::texture_coordinate(0). However, you loose one channel (color has RGB, UV only U and V in Maya). Therefore you have to use a second UV set with the third channel. Then you can access R and G with state::texture_coordinate(0) and B with state::texture_coordinate(1) in MDL assuming you only have these two UV sets.

    P.S.: Hm, I don't think that this is a desired workflow.

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