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Thread: Purchasing IRay & IRay server in South Africa

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    Sphaera Designs Guest

    Question Purchasing IRay & IRay server in South Africa

    Is there any way to purchase IRay & IRay Server licensing in South Africa?

    The online store does not have South Africa as an option for locale, so one can't link a legal address / billing detail to such a purchase from here.

    The online store's support says that it is outside there area of expertise...Firstly referring me to Nvidia hardware suppliers locally and on further requests refer me back to phone Nvidia, but the relevant department is not available to provide an answer.
    So far I have not been able to find a local hardware supplier / distributor that is familiar with IRay.

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    Sphaera Designs Guest


    Thanks to the 52 guys that viewed my post (at time of writing this) ... does anybody from NVIDIA read this forum?

    Since I posted a week ago, I was able to get another response from NVIDIA support... Which takes me to a list of international vendors (outside of my region)
    In that list of vendors I found 1 online store that does have South Africa in their drop-down list..... However the shopping cart has a final step that then states:
    "Due to manufacturer restrictions we can't sell/ship this item to your location..."

    To me it seems that there is a conscious decision not to supply to South Africa... and with all the sanctions and bans from the past... it seems we are politically
    still not in Nvidia's favour....I truly hope that is not the case because since the day's I was part of beta testing, I found this to be a brilliant product. Sadly, now that
    I've been advising my customers to purchase the commercial product, we can not find a legal way to purchase the software in our region.

    Is there anybody that could assist or have suggestions please?

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    casst Guest


    Thank you for bringing this to our attention and many apologies for the delay. We had tracked down the issue. There was an incorrect setting in our eCommerce store platform for NVIDIA rendering software that did not accept billing and shipping addresses from South Africa.

    We have fixed this and the NVIDIA Advanced Rendering Software Store now accepts South Africa.

    Please use this link to complete your purchase>

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    Sphaera Designs Guest


    Thank you very much for solving the problem Cassie!

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