Can you help me, I took the time to post at least two questions I need answers to right a way.

My name is scott dickover and my email is Can you look? Did I do something wrong. That is my last name, I'm not sure if you thought it was fake. I'm not and I'm trying to use your product for Toshiba my main customer and there biggest customer Walmart. I'm doing rendering and bought your product. I'm on a tight dead line and I can't get Iray server to connect to the VCA manager by typing the https://(tcp/ip address) of the machine that the p5000 is in. It's kill me I'm this close and I can't get any support after spending two days simply trying to get it to connect.

My other issue I sent a question on is? I have machine A w/ p5000 in it and machine b with p5000 in it. I believe to get the VCA to work, since machine A is the master. Then I need to demote Machine b to non-master. I used the command line but that machine won't let me type anything, I'm guessing because server is started. What is proper syntax as well? I thought it was "iray_server -c" for example. If that is the ip manager of my two machine cluster? Pleas I need your help, I paid lots of money for these card, I'm hoping it wasn't a mistake. I'm going to call the support line and find out what is going. I need to escalate this if I don't get resolution quickly. FYI ....I bought your product is was the wrong license, I was issued a refund and Friday night I bought the PRO CARD license of IRAY/mental ray so I do have a license. I will buy another if I can get a little support.