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Thread: problems with opacity if i use quadify mesh

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    Jay Axe Guest


    Hey Bernd,

    I attempted to repro, but could not get the black artifacts you are getting. Could you possibly post a scene that's causing the error?


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    3D-Hai Guest


    Hi Jay,

    can you give me an e-mail address
    If you do not want to write it here, you can send me a private message

    thx you !

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    Jay Axe Guest


    Thanks for the information here. This issue has been logged with Lightworks Design.

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    3D-Hai Guest


    thx Jay

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    grue19 Guest


    attached is a scene. i don't think it has to do with quadify mesh. it's related to previous issues some of us have posted. it's not related to photometric vs. iray+ lights, it's not TGA or PNG or JPG issue. these are all things i've tested. i don't know about camera (i use standard camera) related? attached is a simple scene 1 with TGA and alpha channel. the other is a simple plane with default iray+ material. maybe it has to do with thickness of object? also, with 2d billboard people i've always moved them slightly in some direction and found one direction that would eliminate the problem or minimize it to the point of it not being distracting.

    edit: the TGA for the holodeck arch was removed from the opacity slot to show that it doesn't matter if use opacity or not.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	bad plane.jpg 
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    3D-Hai Guest


    the error is now known and reported to the developers

    new iray+ #3dsmax and iray for #Maya, #C4D, and #Rhino Group

    Bernd Haier
    here more nvidia iray+ renderings:

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    grue19 Guest



    also, i wanted to add... i don't think i've ever seen this issue or any transparency issues when i create trees and bushes in speedtree, then export as FBX, import to max and apply a TGA material with alpha. sometimes the geometry of the leaves are flat square or rectangular meshes with 2-tris. othertimes the geometry of the leaves are 6-12 tris meshes but with a center point that is high, thus the geometry is really like a tent.

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