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Thread: problems with opacity if i use quadify mesh

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    3D-Hai Guest

    Question problems with opacity map if i use quadify mesh

    Hello Developer,

    i have a problem with opacity map/material if i use quadify mesh
    without it works perfectly, but when I used quadify mesh to turn the objects
    he makes a black slightly transparent box around the object
    pic one ok, pic two i use quadify mesh

    Can you help me

    regards Bernd
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    3D-Hai Guest


    I use a standard material iray +
    see picture

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    thorsten hartmann Guest


    hi Bernd,

    try a Turn to Poly Modfiier. That is not iray, its 3dsmax.

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    3D-Hai Guest


    no that is not true , with the normal renderer I had such a problem never!
    I used it running for logos many time

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    grue19 Guest


    it's similar to a problem i've seen many times using opacity map on simple plane (1 polygon) or 1 polygon editable poly. in my case, i use for 2d people on occasion. these are for still renders (not animation, haven't tried with animation). my solution is to move the plane or polygon a small amount 2-8 inches in x or y or z axis, or once i think move and rotate by small degree 1-5 degrees. until i find something that works.

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    thorsten hartmann Guest



    i have create a plane, added quadify Mesh, added UVW-Maping. The logo Image is a PNG with Alpha. I have no error.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	iray_opac_logo.jpg 
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    3D-Hai Guest


    thorsten that is not the same,
    I use a color image and a black and white image for opacity
    if I do the procedure as above with the scanline renderer do I have this error not! so the error is not at 3dsmax but at iray+ renderer!
    without quad mesh it works synonymous in iray + so is something wrong !

    regards bernd
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    thorsten hartmann Guest


    here a other Test. Color Image and Black/White Images as Opacity Mask. No error! What do i wrong. *grins*

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	iray_opac_logo2.jpg 
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    3D-Hai Guest


    thank you for your comments Thorsten !
    then I will only work with plane, since rectangle unfortunately always rendering error with iray + displays and only with the scanline renderer works with quad mesh!

    regards Bernd

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    3D-Hai Guest


    So now have made 3 logo new
    1. with plane and quad mesh
    2. with regtangle and extrude 0
    3. is a loft object
    for me it is a clear error
    is looks so that in certain perspectives the hdri or PhysicalSky appears in the transparents
    only loft object works fine !
    if you turn the perspective one does not see the partial error

    pic 1 hdri light
    pic 2 PhysicalSky
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	rendering.jpg 
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Name:	rendering 02.jpg 
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    regards Bernd

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