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Thread: VMaterial laminate mapping

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    jcarruthers Guest

    Default VMaterial laminate mapping

    I'm testing out converting a Brazil scene to iRay and I'm having a little issue with the "laminate Oak Light" shader. I have a bunch of surfaces representing strips of flooring and with the shader they all look like one continuous piece, trying to change the offset or scale in the per-object texture mapping settings has no effect. In Brazil you'd say the material has it's scaling set by WCS coordinates--well it seems like it's not exactly the same thing--but I don't see how to override it. I tried the "UV Space Index" setting but it seemed to not work.

    I did try changing the object texture mapping from UV to, say, Planar, but while that did look different none of the settings seem to do anything.

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    jcarruthers Guest


    Well, after some investigation it seems that per-object mapping is generally problematic, the settings don't work or the file needs to be reopened to update.

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    warmacre Guest


    I have also had issues where the UV mapping is not updated in real-time, so if this happens I am forced to save and 'Revert' the project. I previously chose to close Rhino and reopen, but revert seems to reload the whole project resources and forces a refresh.

    This isn't just isolated to the UV mapping. If I change or edit an image used within a material outside of Rhino and save it, the material does not automatically update or detect a change in the original resource while Rhino/Iray is running. I'm guessing that the image (for bumpmapping, diffuse mapping, etc.) is cached/embedded after it is selected, thereby ignoring the original file until it has been reselected or another file has been chosen and then the original file is selected again.

    I have been meaning to bring this to the attention of the Iray team, but there are a few little issues that I have encountered for a while that I just haven't had the time to properly document it.

    Does this seem like the same issue you are having?

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    ruediger Guest


    Yes, I can confirm that changes in the UV projection do not get proagated to the Iray renderer. A reload of the scene will show the updated coordinates, which is a workaround but no solution. We have added this issue to our buglist and I bumped the priority. Sorry for the inconvenience,

    With regards to what warmacre is saying, I have asked for this feature a while ago because I also find it crucial to get an update in the renderer as soon as I have made changes to a texture in Photoshop (or any other image editing software). This is what people expect from modern applications and I would also love to see this implemeted pretty soon, so I will try to bump that issue.

    Best Regards,

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    warmacre Guest



    you are absolutely correct in saying that people expect this kind of automatic detection and refresh from modern applications. As a long time Adobe user, this kind of thing has been around for many years, where if you are linking to an external resource in Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign/DreamWeaver, any change is reported and you are prompted either to implement the changes or keep the existing version.

    As always, your help and vigilance is most appreciated. Many thanks.


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