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Thread: Creating holdouts in Maya 2017 rendered in iray

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    Hendy Guest

    Post Creating holdouts in Maya 2017 rendered in iray

    I'm attempting to use the Maya 2017 render layer system to create object holdouts within a Maya scene. I can create holdouts using the iray LPE's however that just gives me what is essentially a beauty render of the object held out, and I would need to hold out many objects, far more than the 20 or LPE slots that are supplied.

    What I would like to see happen would be to use the render layers to hold out the object and still be able to render that held out part as a compressed .exr containing the other LPE's (diffuse, reflect, etc).

    Any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated!

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    cberndt Guest


    Hi Hendy,

    I'm not sure if I understand correct what you mean. Is it basically what I outline in this example image?

    Attachment 9580

    I simple created three render layers: Spheres, Cubes and Mask. Spheres and Cubes are rendered using the Canvases (Diffuse, Specular and Glossy). The Mask Render Layer only creates one image with the Alpha of the spheres.This was done using the Legacy Render Layers because I'm not familiar with the new Render Layer in Maya 2017 but I guess the workflow is pretty much the same.

    Does this help?

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    Hendy Guest


    First thank you for taking the time to respond to my post. Unfortunately I cannot open your link. Maybe you could repost as I would like to have a look. I can make a clean holdout using LPE's but that method proves un-useful for what it is I'm trying to accomplish.

    What Id like to be able to do is create object holdouts the way it can be accomplished in Vray for Maya. In Vray by grouping the geo under "object properties" and then making overrides on certain attributes of that obj property on a per render layer basis, I can create held out geo that will render like any other piece of geo and have the advantage of rendering with all available LPE's.

    If I create a held out piece of geo using the LPE all I get is a render pass of the held out object in its beauty state with no ability to composite that piece of geo on a per LPE basis. That and it seems Im limited to about 20 canvas, I would need to hold out far more objects than 20.

    Does that make sense?

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    cberndt Guest


    Hi Hendy,

    I have no idea why the attachment will not show up in the thread. Did you klick on the typo Attachment 9580 in my previous thread? This should show the images I attached.I used an Alpha LPE to create the alpha masks for the spheres and cubes. In my understanding this should be pretty much the same. Maybe you can provide an example image or scene that I get a better understanding of your problem?

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