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Thread: Mental Ray for 3ds Max 2018 Now Available - and Incldued with Iray for 3ds Max

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    Quote Originally Posted by kibrituss View Post
    I would like to learn that "Does Iray support Multi sub map" or still you guys did not solve it. I'm using max 2016 and Multi sub does not work with Iray.


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    hey i had the same problem but i was able to get the multi sub map working by going to the top left corner of the material editor where it shows all the maps, right click and make sure "Show incompatible" is on and than it shows all the maps

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    Candyman47 Guest


    I have a question do they currently have a new plugin for the Iray as well. On the product information page they only show 3ds Max 2017. I was curious if there is one for 2018 as well or when it will come out. Also, is the there a list of materials that are specific to Iray that comes with the plugin?

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    Jay Axe Guest


    Iray for 3ds Max 1.4.0 is now available with support for 3ds Max 2018.

    Please check out this thread for more info.

    Iray for 3ds Max - Release 1.4.0 (for 3ds Max 2018/2017/2016)

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