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Thread: Need help with 90-day trial license location

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    surazhsky Guest


    Similar problem... "No license found" message when running 3ds max after a month of trial... I've tried to find the file, but did not.
    I have upgraded to 1.3 version of the plugin, probably it had caused the problem, but I am not sure.

    Thank you,

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    boujou99 Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by DavidM View Post
    Correct. Iray for 3ds Max 1.3 beta is the build numbered 116812. (Of course you have no easy way of knowing this. We'll do better to make this clearer in the future.)
    Hey David.Could you send me a private message regarding my license? I re-installed software due to computer rebuild and says can't find license. Also, it would be great if you offered permanent trial licenses for Training Specialists like myself. It's hard to convince folks to buy your products and offer them support if I can't run it myself longer than 90 days.


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