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Thread: Flexnet License Manager Multiple Licenses

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    badtertle Guest

    Default Flexnet License Manager Multiple Licenses

    I have been using Flexnet successfully with one license, but needed to scale up.
    I just purchased 2 additional licenses. I went to the licensing center, View Licences Generated by User, select all, View Details, Save All.

    That saves out a license file. When I try to Import that license file into Flexnet Publisher, I get errors about 3 server redundancy. I've tried a few combinations of deleting duplicate server lines in the license file to no avail.

    Also, annoying side note - I seem to have to delete the entire Flexnet install directory and reinstall/reconfigure when things go wrong (the uninstaller errors out on 64 bit Windows)

    Please advise.

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    DavidM Guest


    Hi Dan,

    Sorry to hear that you're having problems. I can try to help.

    I'll send you a private message so that we can share more information via direct email.

    - David

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