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Thread: Render Output and Physical Cameras

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    Hollins Guest

    Default Render Output and Physical Cameras

    I have been scratching my head on this one for a few days...

    I am unable to get a visible render output when using physical cameras. Cameras located within a space, cameras outside a space with clipping enabled, and cameras located outside of a space with culled or hidden faces all display black renderings. If a viewport is set up and located within a space, the space will render correctly. If a viewport is located outside of a space and the walls are culled or hidden the render will display black, as soon as the viewport moves within a space the space will render correctly.

    Any ideas what is wrong with the setup?


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    DavidM Guest


    I could use a little more info about your scene.

    I'm not sure what you mean by a "space" or how you are clipping it. How are you culling and hiding faces?
    My suspicion is that no light is reaching the exterior, or that tone mapping is set so high that lighting is negligible outside.

    It would be helpful if you can simplify your scene to the bare minimum and upload it for our review.

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    Hollins Guest


    I have been comparing the light level calculation accuracy of Iray to AGI32 and Elumtools. Attached is a 3ds file of a small room that I have been using for the tests, I created the room in Revit and brought it into 3ds. With the view set to camera 2 I get black renderings if I change to perspective view and move inside of the room I get usable renders.
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    SamuelAB Guest


    You are probably coming across the "normals" problem. Try applying a "Normal" modifier to your windows and any object that comes black. Don't enable any other the options, like "inverse normals".

    I'm guessing the normals problems is preventing any light from going through your windows.

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