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Thread: Iray Server 2 Beta - No license found

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    mthomas Guest

    Question Iray Server 2 Beta - No license found

    Just installed Iray Server 2 Beta on my server and upon launch getting the No license found for Iray Server. Should it not run until November 1?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Phillip Miller Guest


    Thanks for reporting. We will take a look at this first thing tomorrow.
    Had you purchased a licenses or were you previously running in trial mode?
    If in trial mode, had your trial period expired or was there still some time left on it?


    - Phil

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    Phillip Miller Guest


    The Iray Server 2 Beta does require a license - be it Trial or Purchased - to be active on the machine in order for it to operate.
    The November 1st date is the date at which this Beta version will expire, regardless of license, as the released version of version 2 will be out before then.

    As a result, we suspect your 90 day trial period has ended on the machine that is reporting it doesn't have a license. If you purchase a license for this machine, the Beta will start again.

    - Phil

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