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Thread: Iray for Rhino Version 1.1 is released!

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    ruediger Guest

    Default Iray for Rhino Version 1.1 is released!

    Dear users,

    we are happy to announce the release of Iray for Rhino Version 1.1

    This version comes with quite a few bug fixes as well as a few new features, most prominent feature being the rendering of spherical environment that can be used with photosphere viewers. Also we do support now MDL materials that are using displacement. With the advent of more sophisticated vMaterials, you can take advantage of fully detailed materials now.

    Users that have bought the 1.0 version will be automatically notified. The new trial installer for 1.1 is also available on the NVIDIA website under

    Release notes for IFR 1.1


    This is the release version of Iray for Rhino 1.1. Iray for Rhino is a dedicated render plugin for Rhinoceros that implements NVIDIA Iray to enable users to visualize their work in photoreal quality.

    New in version 1.1
    • New version of the Iray renderer integrated
    • VR render feature: Scenes can be now rendered with a spherical lens, to be used as photo spheres.
    • MDL displacement now supported: MDL materials that displace the actual geometry at render time are now supported
    • Rounded Edges now supported
    • Shut linings now supported
    • Emissive materials can now be textured
    • Render Progress bar can be now paused
    • Iray menu now shows up in Rhino menu

    Feature List:

    • Progressive physically based, global illumination rendering
    • GPU and CPU rendering
    • Interactive viewport rendering
    • Adjustable viewport descaling during navigation
    • Physically based, layered material model
    • Image based lighting (IBL) allowing with several projection modes. Picking feature to place IBL dome accurately
    • Implicit gound plane to catch shadows and reflections
    • Sun and Sky lighting model
    • Using Rhino sun angle calculater for sun simulation
    • IES light support
    • Emissive geometry
    • Support of Rhino UV projections
    • Hardware resource management
    • Render Layers
    • Caustic Sampler
    • Tone mapping
    • Depth of field, picking feature for focus distance
    • Support for NVIDIA VCA and Iray Server streaming
    • Support for NVIDIA Queue Manager for VCA and Iray Server
    • Instancing support via blocks
    • Custom MDL library support
    • Volumetric Materials
    • Export and Import of MDL materials (compatible with other Iray plugins like Iray for Maya and Iray for 3ds Max)

    Known Issues

    When using displacement, the edge length parameter always works in meters, though the UI will display the current scene unit


    Many minor fixes improving the stability of the plugin

    Note - Iray Server compatibility

    Iray for Rhino 1.1 is incompatible with Iray Server 1.x

    A Beta of Iray Server 2 is freely available for everyone to use with Iray for Rhino 1.1. Please go to the Iray Server forum to obtain information for downloading and using it: Future versions of Iray Server will be compatible with multiple Iray versions so this should be a one-time inconvenience of maintaining a separate Iray Server installation.

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    visose Guest


    I'd like to test displacement. I can't find any core materials that contains displacement. Where could I find an MDL example that contains displacement.

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    warmacre Guest


    I'm not sure about MDL displacement, but I do know that Iray now supports Rhino's inbuilt displacement settings (Render Tools/Apply Displacement). Similarly, Iray now supports other Rhino features like Rounded Edges and Shut lining. Whether these are features also available within Iray Materials I am not sure, but I am sure a member of the Iray team will clarify that for you.


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    Adam-VisualVocal Guest

    Default Stereo?

    > VR render feature: Scenes can be now rendered with a spherical lens, to be used as photo spheres.

    I'm very happy to see this addition. Does it support stereo as well? Thanks.

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    ruediger Guest


    Stereo rendering will be supported in version 1.2 and will be announced soon.

    Best Regards,

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