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Thread: Release notes for Iray for Rhino 1.0

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    Default Release notes for Iray for Rhino 1.0

    Release notes for Iray for Rhino 1.0

    This is the release version of Iray for Rhino 1.0. Iray for Rhino is a dedicated render plugin for Rhinoceros that implements NVIDIA Iray to enables users to visualize their work in Photoreal quality. Iray's physically based capability predicts the behavior of real-world materials and lights, giving you accurate results with minimum setup or specialized knowledge. The NVIDIA vMaterials Library is supported as well as material exchange capabilities with other MDL compatible applications.

    We discourage users that were participating in the Beta Program to carry their scenes over to Rhino 1.0. While most scenes scenes created with prior Beta versions of the plugin will most likely work do not guarantee that these scenes will work. Use at your own risk.

    Feature List:
    • Progressive physically based, global illumination rendering
    • GPU and CPU rendering
    • Interactive viewport rendering
    • Adjustable viewport descaling during navigation
    • Physically based, layered material model
    • Image based lighting (IBL) allowing with several projection modes. Picking feature to place IBL dome accurately
    • Implicit gound plane to catch shadows and reflections
    • Sun and Sky lighting model
    • Using Rhino sun angle calculater for sun simulation
    • IES light support
    • Emissive geometry
    • Support of Rhino UV projections
    • Hardware resource management
    • Render Layers
    • Caustic Sampler
    • Tone mapping
    • Depth of field, picking feature for focus distance
    • Support for NVIDIA VCA and Iray Server streaming
    • Support for NVIDIA Queue Manager for VCA and Iray Server
    • Instancing support via blocks
    • Custom MDL library support
    • Volumetric Materials
    • Export and Import of MDL materials (compatible with other Iray plugins like Iray for Maya and Iray for 3ds Max)

    Known issues:
    • Rounded edges and displacement are not supported
    • User feedback while using Iray server:
      When rendering big scenes, Iray needs time to initialize the renderer, build accelearation structures for geometry and lights and distribute the data on the hardware resources. During this time the viewport won't be updated yet.
    • Adding search directories under Settings -> paths requires a restart of Rhino:
      When search directories for textures are added under the paths tab of the settings window, Rhino needs to be restarted for the added texture directories to be actually searched. Textures still won't be found otherwise.
    • Not all emissive materials show in "Light Objects" Tab:
      Some emissive materials are not being shown in the Light Objects Tab
    • Turning lights on and off in the "Light Objects" Tab overrides the visibility settings of layers
      When lights are assigned to a layer that has its visibility turned off, it is still possible to turn them on via the visibility checkboxes in the light list
    • Default materials:
      When materials are created that take another material as input, each time those materials will first create a default-material that will show under the scene materials and that can clutter up the view. Use right click > delete unused to clean up your scene materials list.

    Further Information:

    Download Iray for Rhino (Full version / Trial) here:

    Youtube channel with Tips, Tricks and Tutorials for using Iray for Rhino:
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