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Thread: Floating licenses: Issues setting up license server

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    Marco709394 Guest

    Default Floating licenses: Issues setting up license server


    Just brought the licensing for iray, cannot activate the iray because find no where to register, so do not know how to get the product activation key and submit the key, please help.


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    DavidM Guest


    Hi Marco,

    When you install the plugin, the license manager is installed. There are a few ways to get to it:
    - From the Start menu > All Programs > NVIDIA Corporation > Iray License Manager, run Iray License Manager
    - Start 3ds Max, and from the Iray License Manager trial screen, click [START LICENSE MANAGER]
    - After running 3ds Max, the Iray License Manager icon should be available in the Windows Task Bar -- right click it and choose Open

    From here, you can select links to buy a license (if you haven't done so), activate your license (swap a key for the license) and enter your license.

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    Marco709394 Guest


    I have no problems of doing all those as you mention, the problem is that it will link to a web page to submit product activation key and to get product activation key need to log in to software licensing centre, and I do not find or know how to registrar an account at software licensing centre.

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    DavidM Guest


    From the Nvidia store, you were required to enter your email address and a password in order to complete the purchase. This information will be your login on the Licensing Center.

    If this does not work, or if you don't remember the password, use the missing password link and enter your email address to reset the password.

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    DavidM Guest


    I might be mixed up on the exact sequence, but have you received a key? I think you can enter it on the main License Center screen to initiate creation of a new account.

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    mak21 Guest


    I try the float license but when I upload on the Iray License maneger not run.
    Is Return the license from web, and make again the procedure but the file generate not rung again.
    Is possible that non run becasue I not insert the port ?
    I insert an example whit fantasy number for Mac Adress and host Name.

    I try to return again the license but now is impossibile becasue only one time is permission .

    Best Regards Mak21
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    DavidM Guest


    Hi mak21,

    I don't exactly understand the problem, because you have hidden some of the information. I will contact you privately so that we can get you running without fear of disclosing your private details on this public forum.

    - David

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    NikNastev Guest


    I also have a problem with ILM (Iray License Manager).
    I downloaded generated License file from Nvidia Website and insert it in ILM (with select file option) - ILM give me error -> Failed to add license file.
    If I paste the text from license file in text area in ILM -> ILM tell me that it accept the license and ask me to restart 3ds max. But in ILM there is "No license found" still appear under Iray version number.
    After restarting 3ds max - no luck - back to trial license.

    ILM do not accept my license.


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    DavidM Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by NikNastev View Post
    ILM give me error -> Failed to add license file.
    Hi Nik,

    I will send you a private message with additional contact information. I would like to understand the nature of the failure and quickly get you up and running.


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    NikNastev Guest


    I have 2 Network cards - so I have 2 MAC address om my PC.
    My system is Windows 10 (1511).

    I have installed FlexNet License server (as I have Float license) and started it without any issue.

    The problem is come later - when I try to import my license (generated on Nvidia Flexnet website). FlexNet server stop responding when I import license and not start even if I restart the service.
    License file is copied fine in corrected folder, but just that.

    What I found so far is - if I rename/remove lic file and restart Flexnet service - then I can login again into FlexNet webpage on localhost. And I can see it under Vendor page (with not started status and FlexNet publisher version).
    If I return back licnese file at this stage and try to start Vendor Daemon - I got not responding FlexNet again.

    Sometimes I get error on line where is "Vendor nvidia" in license file.

    What could be the problem? License file or my PC config with 2 Network cards?

    In FlexNet system info I see my 2 MAC addresses and first one is that I use in license.

    At the moment I can't install license :/

    Here is a screenshot with error if I try to import license file:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Edit 2:
    If I try to start vendor after that error, I get this error - "Unable to start vendor:nvidia"

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