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Thread: Iray for Maya Gallery

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    ddankhazi Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by AndrewLey View Post
    Cheers Alex,

    Rendered on my laptop using a 960. Its an ipr render i left going for roughly 10minutes. Materials used were very basic. Glossy white paint, rubber and titanium.
    Cheers, D

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    filmspiel Guest

    Thumbs up

    ... and then again the scanner and softproofer as animation - a film for DRUPA 2016 - german exhibition for printing ...

    rendered with i4m and iray server - finished in AFX

    took some time - but i4m is always rock solid - thank you for that!!!

    scene setup on laptop msi wth gtx980M - rendered mainly on cadnetwork wth dual k6000

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    3dguy_maya Guest


    here's a test video using iRay

    48hrs to render 900 frames
    intel quad core and EVGA 750ti

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