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Thread: Iray for 3ds Max - Gallery

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    3D-Hai Guest


    hi jaxe ,

    yes background is a post
    i render floor dark step 1 and objekt with alpha step 2 (must have a haier floor for more color power, cant use dark floor for this in rendering )
    and mix with alpachannel on photoshops
    i want the floor ist dark but not black
    on youtube video you can see this better, floor is a little bit haier ( lol my name is haier )
    i see later here the picture to dark

    regards Bernd

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    3D-Hai Guest

    Cool sneak preview jewelry design part 11 (bracelet part 5) mat8

    here new rendering

    first pic
    later more pics

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	jewelry design part 11 (bracelet part 5) mat8-logo.jpg 
Views:	215 
Size:	193.7 KB 
ID:	6651

    regards Bernd

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    NikNastev Guest


    Awesome Bernd!


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    DavidM Guest


    Nice work, Bernd!

    Thanks for sharing with the forum.

    Have you looked into Light Path Expressions here as a way to maximize post-production options? Any Iray rendering creates a lot of information used behind the scenes, and you can have it for your own use (with virtually no overhead) by either choosing a predefined Render Element or writing a custom LPE.

    There is some introductory info on the Iray page here. There is also an example on the blog.

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    3D-Hai Guest


    thx you very much nik and david ,

    but last rendering only 1 ibl light no post
    but you have right !
    i must more use it !

    regards Bernd
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    3D-Hai Guest

    Cool jewelry design part 11 bracelet part 4a + 4b 1080p Iray+

    So many user make this object to favourites in diverse forum
    i must make more renderings
    Regards Bernd

    ah i forget you want pics for puplishing i can uploadet here
    contact me
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    Jay Axe Guest


    Hi Bernd, I like that you are getting into the flaky paints too. How are the parameter controls working for you?

    And I think that rendering the ground plane with Iray is important as the reflection/depth of field assist with the realism. As DaveM says, LPE might just be the next step for you!

    Really great stuff!

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    3D-Hai Guest


    thx you very much jay

    regards Bernd

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    3D-Hai Guest

    Cool little animation pendant anim 001

    Hallo everybody ,

    here a little animation :

    regards Bernd

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    mak21 Guest


    Very Nice Animation 3D-Hai
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