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    Hello and welcome to the Iray for 3ds Max forum. We are very excited to announce the official release of the NVIDIA Iray for 3ds Max plugin software!

    This forum will be the central point by which we communicate to the Iray community. We look forward to all your posts on any Iray subject matter including your tips, insights, issues, ideas, opinions, examples, and requests for assistance. We hope to collaborate with you and build a community of professionals on all things Iray.

    Get more info and free 90-day trial from the NVIDIA webpage.

    Find out more about Iray for 3ds Max with the online Documentation.

    Make sure to check out the Iray for 3ds Max – Gallery to show off your latest Iray renderings.

    Also check out the vMaterials forum for NVIDIA verified Iray materials.

    Visit the Iray Server forum for info on remote rendering in Iray.

    Get a quick introduction to the plugin with the Iray for 3ds Max - Content Creation Series on YouTube.

    Available Products:
    NVIDIA Iray for 3ds Max 2018 1.4.0
    NVIDIA Iray for 3ds Max 2017 1.4.0
    NVIDIA Iray for 3ds Max 2016 1.4.0
    NVIDIA vMaterials
    Iray Server

    Download demo files:

    Keep coming back to stay up to date on the latest Iray news.

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